Q & A – How do you know when a painting is finished?

How do you know when a painting is finished?

Sometimes, many times I don’t know for a while. The process unfolds itself until a resolution comes. It can take twists and turns. Sometimes people are surprised by how many times a painting changes until I stop working on it. Under the final painting there may be layers of four or five other very different paintings, like buried archaeological artifacts.

Some people that visit my atelier tell me to stop working on a piece, that they like it as it is. ‘It is finished’ they say. The thing is I can’t promise to not change it. The only way to ensure that I don’t paint over it is to take it away from me.

I take one step at a time, occasionally two. I can’t see around the corner. What is ahead is your guess as good as mine. I don’t have an end in mind, only a beginning, and a continuation. I cannot tune in or conform to someone else’s expectation or vision. I work with my own inner guidance.