Q & A – Who Are Your Teachers?

Who are your teachers?

I have many teachers.

My Father Arno: My father taught me the power of discrimination, to use the mind as a sword or a shield, and to be like smoke, to vanish beliefs. Because of him I know how to disappear, lost without trace just to find myself again, and always in a new, fresh, way, to survive in the wild, with a spring in my step, and a laugh and a smile. He teaches me to go beyond myself and to be fearless. The picture above is one I made on one of our roadtrips in Europe.

My Mother Marleen: She is the geatest woman I know. When I was young I had dyslexia. My mother believed in me more than she believed in herself. She supported the highest vision of my highest version of myself while others crossed their eyes. She is my strength. Her unconditional love surrounds me wherever I go. Because of her I learned to listen to everything my heart is saying.

My Sister Rachna: My sister taught me how not to be lonely. She is a great teacher, I always listen to her. Sometimes more then she knows or wants me to. I admire her for all she is and I thank her for making me aunt Floor.

The Colour Blue: I love the color blue.It’s taught me many things, and it still teaches me.
Kandinsky wrote that blue was the most spiritual colour. The deeper it is, he said, ‘the more it awakens human desire for the eternal.’

Since I was a young girl I loved to contemplate and daydream while focused on the blue of the sky or the blue, blue sea or concentrated in a blue feeling, embracing it, becoming one with the sadness until it lifts away like a bird in the sky

Blue teaches me to wait and be patient, like the sky waits for the sun or the moon or a cloud or the absence of clouds. When I paint I must wait for the muse, or for colours to dry, or for someone to buy, or for a new idea to form. The paintings, they grow, the climb, they morph, they dissolve to nothing, they resurrect in brightness, and many times i must wait, wait and look, wait amnd see, wait and feel, and blue is the colour that comes to my aid. It is the calm, it is the indefinable, it is the depth, it is the space, it is the glory in our world, it is eternal, infinite peace, and that is what my heart longs for. Maybe it is what everyon’s heart longs for. Way to blue.

Picasso: Picasso teaches me to not be afraid to be afraid, to paint spontaneous and free like a wild, running child, who is untamed by the world, untainted by the cynicism of every age.

It seems to me Picasso painted for himself, but only for himself, but himself is the world, and the world floats in an ocean of Divine, sublime feeling, that all children know, when they wake on the weekend, and no school to go, and the freedom of feeling that runs through their veins, like horses that leap over rivers of sound, and who will take me home when I’m old and birth me as a child again? That man is Picasso.

Jackson Pollock: and what does Jackson teach me?

He teaches me to be absorbed, to drop out of the world, renounce the day, renounce the night, and paint to my heart, to my heart’s delight